This challenge, by way of Guest Challenger Linda Norris, actually has two photos: one day and one night. Because I thought it would be pretty easy to identify, I asked Thomas to also find out what the penguins are made of (of course plastic, but plastic from what?)

Thomas wrote to me:

It is from Kampa Museum, Prague, Czech Republic. It is made out of plastic bottles taken from landfill. Is there a stadium in Prague?

Then Kit followed up with a little more detail:

I let Thomas work on his own to find this one.  It was easy enough with his search of ‘yellow penguins walking on a bridge.’ He called me in to help find it in Google Maps. The little platform for the penguins is visible on the map, and he was so excited when he found that platform. He loved the Cracking Art Group’s website and spent a lot of time looking at their different installations.

I did a little research and found that there are indeed soccer stadiums in Prague, Thomas. This website will help you research them. And Linda, maybe you can tell us a little more about what it was like to see the penguins in person. Do passersby like them or do think they are weird? And lastly, readers, you should definitely check out the Cracking Art Group website—lots of interesting stuff to look at.


Linda posted a comment with some more information; I’m going to copy it here also so it’s more visible:

Great job Thomas! The penguins are just part of all sorts of cool art in Prague and people really seem to like them. Do a search for giant babies in Prague and see what you find….I saw one up close at the Kampa Museum; and I also saw a car made entirely of twine there at at another museum, a statue of two men peeing which did cause everyone to giggle. But I did not visit the soccer stadium there….(but I have in other places so perhaps will have another challenge for you with a stadium in it!)

And here are two photos from Linda, one of the giant babies and one of the two men peeing: